The Ventury goggles is the fruit of hundreds of hours of research and development. It comes from the collaboration bringing together French-style ideas and design with the best of Taiwanese technology.

Loaded with technical prowess, this new concept is the ultimate weapon for victory and will step up your level of safety. To do this, we have actively involved a large number of high-level drivers from all disciplines to provide unparalleled design expertise. Ultra-wide and panoramic field of vision, a preformed, high-resolution injected screen that also offers superior impact resistance. A patented VENTURY valve system to regulate the airflow into the goggles.

Removable frame for easy maintenance and to be able to clean the ergonomic, anti-perspiration technical foams. Ultra-wide silicone headband for perfect support, equipped with CLIP SYSTEM for one-clic disassembly. Ideal for maintaining your VENTURY goggles or simply for personalising it. Easy disassembly and reassembly thanks to its PLACE & LOCK system, meaning stress-free screen replacement. Simply place it in the frame, press, and the screen is in place. Lightweight for maximum comfort. Removable nose protection. A frame enabling glasses to be worn. Many innovative accessories so that you can customise your VENTURY goggles and configure it according to your profile and your discipline.