PERFORMANCE Goggles Level 1 Black Clear Lense



  • PERFORMANCE Level 1: This new PERFORMANCE goggles is directly issued from VENTURY.
  • He is more economic but nevertheless, proposed an advanced technology.
  • As VENTURY goggles, his panoramic field of vision offers optimum comfort for the rider and gives
    a good anticipation to the rider compared to the other goggles on the market.
  • He has a preformed, high resolution injected screen which offers superior impact resistance,
    with a flexible and ergonomic frame. You can wear eyes goggles and frame is also equipped with absorbent triple density foam.
  • The ultra wide silicone headband can be removed and reassembled in just one click with CLIP SYSTEM®.
  • The goggles has a removable nose protection supplied as standard and it also includes a clear screen
    as well as a protective cover.
  • Pure Design, Pure Technology, Pure PERFORMANCE.
  • Performance is already a new benchmark for mid-range goggles on the market