Since 1981, the brand Kenny equipment have the will to maintain the “Made in France” know how. We only make a part of Kenny’s products in our factory, but the delevopment and design of our entire collection is entirely made in the heart of our studio in Amiens, in the north of France.

The production unit which is situated close to our design studio, is able to manufacture prototypes, make original designs and prints on textiles and create many items for bike and cycle.


Members of our team that develop new products are the first of passionate riders of their disciplines. They know what to expect in each discipline both as amateurs but also racers of moto, quad or biking.

Our riders also contribute of the evolution of our products. From their experiences in competitive racing our products are put to the test, we learn and make innovations. Our premium range of products is a perfect example.


Like teams, clubs contact us for our know how. We are very well placed to understand their needs, listen to their wishes and propose them personalised gear.

Every client is important to us. Novice, confirmed or professional rider we have our heart to give him the best product he needs to succeed on all tracks.


Kenny equipment is worn by the best riders on the most daringly of tracks.

Team Sherco Enduro/Rally, l Team SR Honda MXGP, Team SUNN DH and BMX, Aurelien Fontenoy Trial Freestyle. Our riders have the pleasure of wearing nice and well made equipment.As they would not like to change a gear which they feel comfortable in so they wait and like us, it lasts a long time.

For our riders and for you, Kenny is committed to meeting the requirements of the discipline in which we engage our products by the quality.